Where Every Child Shines.

New Vision School provides classes for children K - 5th Grade.

Preschool Program:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m. 

The New Vision Preschool program is a nurturing, play-based program that emphasizes hands-on creative fun. We provide young children a wide range of experiences in a very caring environment.

Because Toddlers and Preschoolers are emerging from the comfort and security of their homes, our Preschool programs ease them gently and playfully into the world of peers. At New Vision School, children come to trust their teachers who are loving, supportive and knowledgeable about this journey.

Respect for the work and play of children is combined with developmentally appropriate expectations of classroom routine and social learning. Children begin to learn how to get along with others – to share, to be aware of other people’s feelings, and to express themselves in words to resolve conflicts.

The students attending New Vision Preschool will experience days filled with art, music, play, and lots of time in the outdoors.

K-5th Grade:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

General Curriculum: The New Vision curriculum is highly individualized to meet the needs of each individual student, as well as, the class as a whole. All curriculum is shaped and specialized to honor each child’s unique learning style and ability. This allows for the ultimate in creativity, efficiency, and communication between teacher and student. We also use project-based learning, and applied mathematics, to inspire and motivate children to weave their learning into areas of interest and practical experiences. 


Curriculum Pacing: Children learn skills at different paces, and at different ages. New Vision teachers recognize that there is not a set pace, age, or learning style that meets the needs of every student. Therefore, we are sensitive to the pacing and development of our students. We create challenging work for areas students are gifted in, and support them when work feels difficult with curriculum and projects that build confidence. In this way, we create a very harmonious educational experience, where the child is uplifted and feels positive when learning new concepts.


Group Work: There is a daily balance between individual work and group projects, in order to promote teamwork, cooperation, and communication.


Inner Development: Equally balanced with academics is character development and awareness activities. We reinforce and practice important values, such as: giving, respecting, loving, consciousness, thought awareness, focus, and much more. Daily quiet time and communication open pathways for deeper learning and revelation. Underlying the whole curriculum is a value of and emphasis on service and gratitude.


Projects: We emphasis project based learning that incorporates many areas of study into meaningful and engaging work.  Children work in groups and independently.  Teachers keep an open and inquisitive mind as the class progresses through their work.  They are often surprised and delighted by the direction the class takes their work!  The class is encouraged to follow their curiosity and dive deep in areas of interest. In this way, we work with the flow of interest and curiosity weaving it into each child's essential learning.  Examples of past units of study are: volcanoes, space, home and structure building, animals in the Northwest, Native Americans, animal rescue, boats and buoyancy, ocean life, bridges, Lewis & Clark expedition, biomes and astrophysics.

Art: Art is viewed as more than an extracurricular activity. We use it to teach each educational discipline and it is integrated into many subjects. In addition to this integration, art is viewed as a subject in itself and we do ambitious specialty projects. Each year, we showcase student artwork in a collaborative art show and performance.


Play: Children are at work when they are playing together. They learn important skills in communication, making compromises, imagining, and relating. We do our best to create opportunities for children to have fun playing, being and creating together. New Vision students have done amazing group projects together, without direction from the teacher, such as: creating a life size tee-pee out of sticks, building a dam and water way for run-off, organizing whole-group games, building snow forts, and digging for geological gems to name a few.


Outdoors: Whenever possible, our learning takes place outdoors. Children do many observations, hikes, art projects, science activities, math lessons and reading in our outdoor sanctuary.


Standards: Oregon State Standards are used as reference points, and are referred to in order to ensure that children are learning what is required, but with the perspective that each child has unique timing for when they will be ready for new concepts. 



Examples of our enrichment adventures:

In addition to our daily schedule, we take field trips, and do service projects throughout the year. We also invite workshop teachers to teach at our school.

  • African Dancing and Drumming Workshops

  • Rick Cain/Astrophysicist Workshops

  • Theatre and Performing Arts Workshops

  • Monthly Ranger Workshops

  • Stream restoration project with the local Forest Service

  • Earth Day Service projects with Spring Creek Hatchery and Forest Service

  • Music performances at Senior Centers and Senior Meals

  • Maryhill Museum of Art: Showcase of our Student Artwork

  • Spring Creek Fish Hatchery-raise and release salmon project

  • Tour of Skyscraper under construction in Portland, OR.

  • Home At Last/walking shelter dogs

  • Creating and Baking Treats for shelter animals

  • OMSI science labs

  • Tears of Joy theater

  • Discovery Center

  • Art walk and community mosaic participation

  • WAAM, the local aeronautics museum

  • Apple cider pressing at local orchard

  • Beaver dam excursion

  • Railroad ride

  • Portland Art Museum

  • Portland Children's Theater


Where Every Child Shines.

An independent school for students in Preschool-5th grade.