The mission of New Vision School is to provide a loving education that nurtures the whole child: Emotionally, Academically and Spiritually.  


Where Every Child Shines.

New Vision School provides children ages 3 – 11 with a holistic education that nurtures every child; Emotionally, academically and spiritually.

There is a strong emphasis on nature, arts, music, experiential learning, communication and relationship building. Small class sizes, a loving environment, and a culture of creativity, plant the seeds for an incredibly bright experience and future.

School as a Sanctuary:

School should be a place of peace and security. We take great care to create an aesthetically rich and warm environment that feels like an extension of the student’s home life. Class sizes are small, to ensure individual attention and to help create a sense of family. The school is a clean, cozy, structured and safe place, which makes it possible for students to reach their highest potential. The environment sparkles with freshness, creativity, innovation, and liveliness.

Learning as a Foundation:

At New Vision, we understand the need for strong skills in reading, writing, math and foreign language and teach these basic academic disciplines with efficiency, creativity, and astuteness. Students receive a well-rounded, creatively oriented study that expands far beyond the reaches of the basic academic skills. Learning and academics are viewed as a foundation for pursuing ones interests and ambitions with the abilities needed. Progress in academic study, or lack thereof, is never used to judge a child or determine his or her value.

Curiosity as a Key:

Curiosity is the threshold of learning. At New Vision we provide an environment where curiosity and the love of learning flourish. Teachers present children with situations that encourage their curiosity. This leads to sessions of looking and contemplating the “ordinary” things around them, and results in awakening and deepening their perceptions. Invention, progression and creativity are the results of a curious and expansive mind, so we nurture this through practical experience.

Cooperation as a Foundation:

Creating school family, cooperation and a sense of belonging to each other is an underlying goal of the whole experience. The defining quality and strength of our school is that we operate as one unit. We place a high priority on treating each other with no competition, guilt, or belittling through comparisons. We teach and promote that everyone is worthy and respected through their very being.

Outdoors as a Classroom:

Being outside in the beauty of nature is a key element to a child’s ability to focus and stay balanced. We balance outdoor and indoor time during the school day and throughout the year. We conduct many daily lessons outside, and set aside time every day, rain or shine, to play in our wonderful playground, garden, and snow, mud or flower-filled fields.

Arts as a Necessity:

Children respond to art, music and dramatic play because it reaches to the very core of their creativity and inspiration. Therefore, we draw upon the creative arts in our teaching of each subject.

Mind as the Force: 

We practice conscious living at New Vision. Students learn to respect what is in their experience through the right use of their minds. They are taught meditation skills, communication skills, and quieting skills, the keys to a lifelong practice of mind stillness and reflection. They become deeply aware of how their mind actions affect both their immediate experience and global consciousness. They learn that they are part of a global connectedness and that they are incredibly meaningful.


Here to Help Our Students Grow

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Sorcha Meek

Assistant Director/Teacher

Rayna Morton

Yoga Teacher

Margie Fickett

Lead Preschool Teacher

Kandy Giles


Rachel Moore-Beitler


Cynthia Caudill


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Where Every Child Shines.

An independent school for students in Preschool-5th grade.


6575 Highway 35

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